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Kiss – Smiti

Recreate the concert experience with the KISS ALIVE II SMITI Playset! This SMITI Playset captures the entire stage set-up of the famous gatefold cover from KISS ALIVE II and KISS' 1977 tour. Included are all 4 KISS member SMITIs (Gene, Paul, Ace, Peter), stage with backdrop, drum set, speakers, drum riser with backdrop, stairs, bass, guitars, microphones, adjustable risers, drumsticks, flames and dragon for a total of over 40 pieces in all. Each KISS SMITI is roughly 3 inches tall and has 14 points of articulation. You can either recreate the stage with the risers down or up. The KISS ALIVE II SMITI Playset is bound to become one of the most sought after KISS collectibles in history. Released by SMITI in 2002. Great product for the KISS kids in your family!

The Offspring – Smiti

The Offspring SMITI playset is a numbered, Limited Edition collectible. This mini-figure playset includes all band members, their instruments, and stage accessories! Equipment includes: stage with backdrop, stage riser, drum riser, 4 cymbals with stands, high-hat cymbal, 3 piece drum set, 4 drum stocks, electronic drum set, 3 guitars, base and 6 speakers

Powerman 5000 – Smiti

A SMITI is a high quality, basic figure, coming in at right around three inches, which often resembles a toy straight out of childhood because of its simple nature. The SMITI's are made with fourteen points of articulation and come with either sculpted or non-sculpted heads, depending on the license and overall design of the proposed playset. Each SMITI will be part of an overall playset environment. Every environment will be detailed and accessorized to coincide with the theme that is being presented.

Limp Bizkit – Smiti

The Limp Bizkit SMITI Playset displays your favorite group and the stage that was used when the band was on tour. Set includes Limp Bizkit band members Fred Durst, Sam Rivers, John Otto, Wes Borland and DJ Lethal. Each figure stands approximately 3 inches tall. Other accessories include a Stage with backdrop speakers, microphones, guitar bass, turntable and a dumb set with drum riser. Window box packaging.

No Doubt – Smiti

Smiti No Doubt Figure Set includes 2" figures of Gwen Stefani, Tony Kanal, Tom Dumont, Adrian Young, Gabrial McNair and Stephen Bradley. Comes with a concert stage playset with instruments, mics, speakers.

Metalllica – Smiti

SMITI METALLICA MASTER OF PUPPETS FIGURES - James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Kirk Hammett, Cliff Burton, stage, backdrop, 4 crosses, 2 guitars, bass, 4 cymballs with stands, high-hat cymbal, 4 piece drum set, 2 drumsticks, and microphone.