Hi! I’m a Music Figure Addict…

My name is Dave Flook and I reside in Cambridge, Ontario. Collecting music figures has been a hobby of mine for over 18 years now. I started this website  as a way to catalog each and every figure, provide original content such as reviews, blogs, interviews and to support the awesome toy companies who keep our collections growing.

While I do have an account set up on Entertainment Earth where you can purchase music figs, this website is not selling anything directly. This website is simply dedicated to the love of music figure collecting and to encourage others to either start collecting or to collect more!

I am adding new figures, pictures, content daily. So be sure to bookmark and come back often.

NOTE: I had originally started a website back in 2009 called www.musicactionfigures.ca but have rebranded to this .com. You might see branding for the .ca site however I am working on rebranding older videos and promos. The .ca forwards to this .com 🙂

~ Dave Flook | moc.stciddaerugifcisum@ofni

The World’s Most Comprehensive Resource For Music Figure Collectors!

We have MANY great core features that will keep you coming back.


We have the best kept music figure database in the world – cataloging hundreds of figures from dozens of top companies.


We review and discuss music figures on our dedicated YouTube channel. This is a great way to learn about new figures and discover new info. about older figs.


We help promote the many amazing toy companies throughout the world and work closely with them with an aim of increasing interest (which results in more figures being made!).


We love taking pics of figures in our lightbox. We make our high-resolution image sets available to the public. Have fun photoshopping a stage scene, adding in effects etc. !