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NOFX Cokie The Clown – Aggronautix

Cokie the Clown, Fat Mike's alter ego, has now been elevated to Throbblehead status.This figure is limited to just 1000 hand-numbered units, stands at 7" tall, and is made of a high quality polyresin.Re-creating the cover art from Cokie's first full-length album "You're Welcome," this Throbblehead comes complete with noose, squirting flower, and clown shoes."Punk rock was never just music to me, it was my life," says Cokie. "My parents were just relatives, my family was always NOFX."

Sloppy Seconds B.A. – Aggronautix

Junk rock rules! B.A. the charismatic front man from Sloppy Seconds is now a Throbblehead. This figure is limited to just 500 hand-numbered units, stands at 7" tall, and is made of a high quality polyresin. B.A. is holding a mic in one hand and a beer in the other (per usual), and looks stunning in his gold jewelry.Now you can take B.A. home and your food and beer will remain safe and sound!

Bad Religion – Greg Graffin – Aggronautix

Greg Graffin the beloved front man of Bad Religion is now a Throbblehead.This figure is limited to just 1000 hand-numbered units, stands at 7" tall, and is made of a high quality polyresin.Greg is in full on live form, holding a mic in one hand and pointing to his head with his other.Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

Mojo Nixon – Aggronautix

Mojo Nixon, the patron saint of psychobilly, has finally been realized in throbblehead form!  This figure capturing his look from

The Dictators – Handsome Dick Manitoba – Aggronautix

Handsome Dick Manitoba, King of New York and fearless leader of The Dictators, has been promoted to throbblehead status! This

Dinosaur Jr. – J Mascis – Aggronautix

J Mascis, founder of Dinosaur Jr. and creator of some of the modern rock era’s most signature chops, has joined

Minutemen – Mike Watt – Aggronautix

Mike Watt, bass player and co-founder of the legendary Minutemen (along with D.Boon) and current member of The Stooges, is

Bouncing Souls – The Guy Mascot – Aggronautix

This is the first-ever mascot figure by Aggronautix, featuring none other than “The Guy” from The Bouncing Souls. It is

Devo – Energy Dome – Aggronautix

This amazing DEVO figure sports the band’s patented red Energy Dome. It wiggles and jiggles on the head of this

The Damned – Captain Sensible – Aggronautix

Captain Sensible, member of The Damned and punk rock hero for nearly 40 years, has been immortalized via Throbblehead. This

Devo – Booji Boy – Aggronautix

Based on DEVO concert photos dating back to the late 1970s, this limited edition bobblin’ Booji Boy figure is wearing

Mudhoney – Mark Arm – Aggronautix

In a move that should surprise no one, Mudhoney’s Mark Arm has finally climbed to the ranks of Throbblehead status!

Pentagram – Bobby Liebling – Aggronautix

The American Godfather of Doom Bobby Liebling and PENTAGRAM have been composing genre defining hard rock and heavy metal for

Descendents – Milo “Mini V1” – Aggronautix

A  mini version of the very first Milo Throbblehead with exclusive bonus sticker! Milo, the charismatic frontman of The Descendents, is

Supersuckers – Eddie Spaghetti – Aggronautix

Eddie Spaghetti, frontman of the self-proclaimed “Greatest Rock n’ Roll Band in the World” The SUPERSUCKERS, has been given the